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Innova-commerce is a system designed for customers, is a system that allows the integration of your physical store with your PrestaShop online store, mostrar más


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INNOVA-COMMERCE.UK, Calle San Diego 15, 2ºC. Alcalá de Henares., Madrid., Calle San Diego 15, 2ºC. Alcalá de Henares.


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Innova-commerce is a system designed for customers, is a system that allows the integration of your physical store with your PrestaShop online store, integrated 100% in real time.
Innova-commerce is a Point of Sale Terminal that can be implemented locally in a physical store and also allows integration with PrestaShop online store. The application for your work from a single database, facilitates having all the stocks of both stores unified, this means, that you can trade products in the physical store and discount them from the stock of the online store and vice versa. This POS system is in line with any nearby market that is properly in Windows.
This system has a very fast usability, this means that, it can be put to operate in a couple of hours and everything is already automatically synchronized and incorporated.
With this system you avoid the problem of having to change the state of the product or update the stock of the store constantly, since Innova-Commerce refreshes the information with the PrestaShop store in real time.
It is a system that works 100% in real time. The program operates in real time against the PrestaShop database. You need a good Internet connection at all times and a high-performance database server. The software does not use a specific database, but works directly with the PrestaShop database. Suggested for companies that want to keep their supplies under control and do not want to have breaks in their stock.
Of course, InnovaCommerce is not just for those companies that have a store at street level and an InnovaCommerce online store can be used in different environments such as, virtual stores with a physical store, online stores with several physical stores, a physical store without an online store, and can even be used in a brand with different possibilities. This is why InnovaCommerce can be used by all types of companies with a physical store.
Innova-commerce offers many services integrated with the purchase of the subscription, such as the right to use the program on a computer for each subscription, updates with new functions free of charge, access to data and business performance analysis.
In this way Innova-commerce helps your business to grow by giving complements that give an added value to your commercial proposal, solutions with which you will learn everything you need to know to perfect certain processes using innova-commerce, and also to manage all the resources that you will have at your disposal to get the most out of your business.

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